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KTM Naked Bike

1290 Super Duke R Special Edition KTMís king of the jungle, beating its
chest with a hair-raising rumble. Wild on the face of it, but just as refined as
the original within. And packing a knockout PowerParts punch.

In the form of the KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R, KTM has crowned its legendary Naked Bike
model range with a machine that redefines the term 'Streetfighter'. One look at its
impressive performance data and aggressive design is enough to see that the 1290 R
is the most extreme Super Duke ever.

690 DUKE
Two decades ago, the original Duke was nothing short of revolutionary. KTMís
first single-cylinder street bike grew into a cult classic, adding extreme fun
to a raw and radical concept. In 2016, the fully revised 690 DUKE stays faithful
to its ancestorís ways, but adds future-proof refinements: impressive
smoothness, sophisticated electronics, improved ergonomics and a good old power
boost over last yearís model.

390 Duke
The 390 Duke breathes life into values that have made motorcycling so amazing
for decades. It combines maximum riding pleasure with optimum user value and is
superior everywhere where really nimble handling counts.

125 Duke
Already since 2013 KTM is the first manufacturer to offer ABS as standard for
a 125 motorcycle. This is not only showing
KTM commitment for safety, but it remarks
once again how the KTM 125 Duke is up to
date with the finest motorcycle
technologies, usually reserved for larger